Welcome to the K7VEY 2018 Field Day Page.
This year we used the call N7KEG (like in keg of beer)

A bunch of us in Arizona that hang out on the W0NWA 441.100MHz repeater north east of Phonenix, decided to have some 2018 Field Day Fun!
Most of us were in a group that worked last year's Field Day as well under the call K7RTM (Read The Manual).
This year 2018, we worked mainly voice but had a limited amount CW, Satellite, FT-8 and PSK31 contacts too.
We were visited by other hams, civilians, and as you can see in the last picture below, hamburger on the hoof as well.

Many contacts were made and a good time was had.
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There were a few basic ideas we wished to accomplish this year.
1. Go completely off grid and set up emeregency communications in as short a time as possible.
2. Broadcast in different modes and see how many contacts we could make world wide in 24 hours.
3. Pull out from the space we used and leave it cleaner than when we arrived.
4. Enjoy excelently prepared pork tenderloin and other foods. (I just threw that in because the food was yummy. Thanks George!)

5. Lastly our most important task, have a fun time!
We at least were able to get this one done.

I don't know how we did in the contest portion of the field day event. We may not find that out for some time.
I do know we got out of the June Phoenix heat and had fun.
Below is the official ARRL entry form we submitted.

Below are some pictures of our ARRL 2018 Field Day fun. 7 3 !
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